About Whereverland


The Whereverland project brings to life a set of remarkable children’s characters that are uniquely positioned to deliver engaging learning experiences. 


Whereverland is an online virtual ‘playspace’ and educational destination where young children (ages 4-10) build, play, create, and participate in story-driven activities designed around a unique set of original characters.  On each visit, kids explore, play and interact with educational content designed to promote the spirit of fun and curiosity that naturally drives children. 


Whereverland is unique in its strong use of story, music, humor and character-driven activities.  Its animations and interactive experiences are fun, funny and filled with in the kinds of entertainment and information kids crave.  Parents appreciate its charm, safe environment, and learning-oriented activities.


Whereverland was created as one answer to the question of how learning environments aimed at very young children might be designed as digital experiences.  Whereverland represents a strategy to design an attractive, functional digital environment where pre-schoolers will build skills, knowledge and curiosity through goal-oriented gameplay, surrounded by music and humor.  It relies on compelling use of characters and story to drive the experiences, rather than on thin ‘one note’ games and activities which are often mass produced for young children to access via the internet and mobile devices.   


Significant percentages of four to six year-olds use the internet both in and out of school and the trend is accelerating.  However, surprisingly few engaging and well-crafted educational options are available for the increasing numbers of pre-school and Kindergarten children who are picking up the mouse for the first time. 



About Base Camp Films


Base Camp Films, LLC develops and produces a wide range of entertainment projects and is committed to the task of inspiring, encouraging and building confidence in families and children.  Among other things, BCF participates in the production of the television series, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” -- one of the few offerings in the television landscape that is a constructive force in the lives of many families.


BCF embraces innovative and important ideas and messages, and collaborates with networks, studios, sponsors, government agencies, foundations, marketing firms, and others - both in the U.S. and internationally - to produce and market projects that make a positive contribution to our audience.


From a core expertise in the production of non-scripted television, BCF’s activities have expanded to include informational and documentary series, public service announcements, brand positioning videos, internet entertainment and educational experiences, video game promotions, children’s properties and even board games.


Base Camp Films was founded by producer, Jim Jusko, and Emmy-winning producer/director, Brady Connell.