Whereverland is a safe and enriching place where you child can enjoy online activities that are surrounded by story, characters, music and humor. 


In Whereverland, we’ve built a constructive “playspace” for the youngest members of the online community.  From the first moment your child picks up a computer mouse, you should know that there’s a place that’s safe and engaging – and designed especially for young children.


When your children visit Whereverland, not only are they being entertained, they are also being exposed to constructive activities and messages that promote childhood development on many levels – they’ll discover animals, colors and shapes, and develop coordination, pattern recognition and problem solving – and most of all, they’ll be in a place that elicits the feelings of wonder, humor and excitement that all children naturally embrace. 


As the Whereverland project grows, we’re committed to extending our mission by providing useful resources for families, caregivers, parents and teachers.  Together, we can help children to find those places within themselves that generate creativity, curiosity and relationships – and help build the foundation for exceptional and promising young learners as they navigate their elementary school years.


Thank you for your interest in Whereverland!